My name is Tiana.I love fitness!
I love reading...and exploring.
I speak English,Serbian and German (also understand Spanish).
Height: 5'10''-177cm/Age: 16-(soon 17)
I workout 5 times a week and lose 1-2 punds a week. I don't feel like writting about my weight until I make my before and after pics. Please understand.
If you need any advice, info or anything at all...just ask.
Update: In 5 weeks of training I lost 11 pounds (eating healthy too)...
Update: 8 weeks of training (and a week of pause) I lost 19,5 pounds.
Update: 24,2 lbs lost.
Update: 2 lbs gained (i don't even know how that happened.. ...yes,yes I do)
Haven't worked out for quite some time, but since I lost all that weight in such a healthy way,I didn't get anything back. :D Yay!!


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Doesn’t it just make you so excited to think that if you keep up what you’re doing, eating healthily, pushing yourself, if you just keep the motivation going.. that in a few short months you might just have achieved your goal? Think about it. Let this sink in.

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Love this <3
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And they told me ‘'You change too much'’, like, wtf? o.o
There is no ”TOO MUCH CHANGE”
There’s just positive and negative change.
If it makes YOU happy, than it’s a positive one for sure….remember that!!
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I wonder if I ever caught someones attention. Even if I was just walking among the crowd, I wonder if they wanted to get to know me or anything like that.

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Mmmm :3
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erinpugliese - More of her: erinpugliese on fuckasfit

great bod :D
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Look at that thigh :O :3 Me gusta :3
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I’m so proud of my body. It’s been carrying my soul around for 20 years already and looking great while doing it

You guyyysss!!! Can we give this awesome girl some support. 
Never, ever, ever, EVER, let a selfie body-positive post to go un-noted! EVER!!
Reblog, heart, and follow this great girl!!!
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Got myself the New  Nike Trainings :3 I have been saving for the last 3 months to get them, and now finally they are all mine!!
guess what else happened.
There was this ”wheel of fortune” in the the shop, and I won a Nike sweatshirt :3 OMG! 
Such a great day! :D
Hope you’re having a great one too.
Even if you’re not, msg me…you know I’m here for ya. Lots of love :* <3
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Today’s my sister’s birthday, Happy Birthday twerk-for-cookies !!! She’s turning 16 today, yeeez she’s like still 12 in my eyes :)xx

Let’s all wish this adorable girl a happy B-DAY :3 
Happy birthday!!!
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gwen-fit asked: hey friend

Hey girl :D Talk to me…what’s up? :D

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