My name is Tiana.I love fitness!
I love reading...and exploring.
I speak English,Serbian and German (also understand Spanish).
Height: 5'10''-177cm/Age: 16-(soon 17)
I workout 5 times a week and lose 1-2 punds a week. I don't feel like writting about my weight until I make my before and after pics. Please understand.
If you need any advice, info or anything at all...just ask.
Update: In 5 weeks of training I lost 11 pounds (eating healthy too)...
Update: 8 weeks of training (and a week of pause) I lost 19,5 pounds.
Update: 24,2 lbs lost.
Update: 2 lbs gained (i don't even know how that happened.. ...yes,yes I do)
Haven't worked out for quite some time, but since I lost all that weight in such a healthy way,I didn't get anything back. :D Yay!!


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You can do anything! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! 
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had lunch out on the step today because its such a lovely day!☀️ watermelon & strawberry smoothie juice w/ a chicken&cheese rye toastie!✅

beautiful day here too… starting it with good food too :3 Yeyy
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Looks yummyyy :3 
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…..this speaks to me
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Saying no can be the ultimate self-care.

-Claudia Black (via noshameinoursickness)

Just in case there is someone feeling like I did, not so long ago…<3 Love ya all :*

(via cardioconfidence)

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Just look at that turquoise water
Malcolm Mackenzie

mostly nature

someone take me to see this &lt;3
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To find yourself, think for yourself.

Socrates (via childrenofthetao)

genius words, words of a genius… 

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My last posts are just some important things i wanted you to be aware of&#8230;.To be more conscious of the strength and importance of your minds.
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Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.
-Barbara Marciniak (via bergdrarauf)
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Great lower back exercise&#8230;I love it ^-^
Tumblr Themes A letter to my future self..

Hey hun,

I wrote a huge letter and deleted it all.

No need to mess with your brain too much, or your emotions.

I just wanted to say a few things…

You have great people around you so keep them safe, your wisdom tooth swelling is all gone by now(the second one, I think), you have a great new wardrobe, and you are happy.

I was going to say ‘stay that way’ but that’s not good. Change. Don’t be afraid of it because it will bring some really amazing things to your life. It’s healthy, and you do healthy best.

You are prob still impulsive, stubborn, and a bit crazy, but you are also a teen, so that’s as normal as it gets. 

You paused you workouts because of the mess in your life, but don’t forget, there’s an even bigger mess when you don’t workout. So, try and get back to is asap. You even messed up your healthy meal plans, but there is no doubt in my mind that you will fix that too.

This summer, you stay home. Working out, going out, and enjoying life is something great to do, and if you are doing it in your city, it’s not a bad thing. 

Stop drinking. Not even a bit. You took a sip of beer last night and you were barely holding it in. Since you stopped for your lifestyle change you can’t take it any more. That’s fine. Nothing wrong with taking a bottle of water with you.

Cut down on ice cream… Three a day? Really? No…stop eating so much ice cream. I know you like it, and I know it tastes like pure heaven, but you need to stop. Just hold on for a year and idk, I’ll get you something amazing as a present. 

You like anyone special? Oh, why do I even ask… there has to be someone. Unless you have changed, and for that, I salute you. Have fun, don’t make your every conversation about ”that one guy”, it’s prob boring people out. You too, sometimes.

I hope you have decided on you favorite color… or anything, that is. Why is it so hard for you to decide what you like…and why does it change within a minute? Beats me. Btw, right now…it’s green. Maybe green has a future in our lives. We shall see.

You were having a tough time with your best friend. Hope you got over that. Did he already go to Russia? I know you will cry your heart out, but it’s just a year. Don’t worry so much. He was also having a tough time with his exams, maybe the pressure is getting to his head. Oh well…

You have some great people in your life, really. Don’t try and keep them. That’s the worst advice ever. Just be there for them, be a friend and if they stay it means that they want to be you friend too. No need to clutch to them, because you will know if they want to be there because of you not because of what you do to try and stop them from going.

No texts. I don’t care how much you like  a guy, you hate texting. So don’t do anything you hate for someone that you like, because if he likes you he won’t force you to do anything you don’t like. You get it…

One more time… enjoy every second of your life…even if that means, sleeping in, it’s your choice and you go and sleep. 

Till next time..



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Anonymous asked: thank you so very much for replying,(and all the tips too ) but i have another question,what do you mean by working out 4-5 times a day?

Sorry, my mistake…. 4-5 days a week… :D I didn’t have enough time to re-read it before I posted. Thanks for pointing it out, and asking about it. I’ll fix it so that it doesn’t confuse anyone. ;) 

And sure… ask away, any time :*

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Anonymous asked: i am 85 kilos and i eat a lot of veggies -meat -fruits everyday,and sweets on special occasions. would this help you? ~thanks for replying.

Ok, so… It’s great that you eat veggies, and meat and fruits. Sweets on special occasions, good. You will be needing to add 3 l of water a day to all that. That’s a must if you want your body working smoothly and in your favor. And when it comes to sweets, I just want to tell you that homemade and natural are always a better choice.

Running is a great thing…It got me trough my first 22 lbs (10 kg). I fell in love with it. Jumping rope got me trough the next 11 lbs (5 kg)… tho I have made a bit of a pause, what you get off by eating healthy (not dieting,because dieting was the one thing that messed up my immune system, and I mean messed up) and working out, you keep off. 

So I lost my first 30 lbs last year and got seriously injured, and got 40 back, because I couldn’t move at all…not even an inch from my bed. And this year January, I started again and got 30 lbs down. So, I know a lot about timing, and with the info you gave me…If you were to work as I told you (4-5 days a week first 4 weeks, then 5-6 the next 4 weeks, and stayed on 6 days from that), doing cardio and (I don’t even have to highlight this, but just in case) weight training, you could probably lose 25 kg in a year…. but we all have our ups and downs… so, 15 kg would be great too. Your body is a work in progress so it’s ok for this to last longer as long as you are healthy, and are losing the weight healthy. 

Tip: To help your weight loss, cut your bread consumption, lose the sodas (cola, pepsi, etc. you get that part), lose the unhealthy snacks(take popcorn when your really feel like snacking, but don’t over do them ether), you’ve already cut out sweets pretty much and that’s good, and no alcohol because it takes all of your body’s water, and it’s jut unnecessary (empty) calories.

Don’t forget water, read about weight loss and nutrition, it will help you a ton.

And in case you need some extra exercise ideas: Fitness Blender

Any time :***